Cloud Hosted Phone System

Hosted, Virtual, Cloud – what does it all mean? Simply put, your entire phone system is delivered to your business over the internet. You no longer have to install, maintain, or upgrade an expensive phone system in the IT closet of each your offices, just plug your phones into the internet! The Sharktek team will help to create a unique phone system catered to your business needs while delivering cutting-edge features at an affordable rate.

Multiple Locations and Scalability

Stay connected to your offices and customers regardless of their location. Transfer calls across office locations just by an extension and always know which remote employees are talking on the phone. Is your business growing? Add a new phone to your system in as little as a few hours and have one consolidated phone bill for all of your offices.


Let us incur the cost of upgrading and maintaining the hardware/software needed to deliver unparalleled quality of voice and receive online faxing/inbound call metrics free of charge. With our hassle-free, month-to-month payments, we never require you to be locked into a contract of any kind.

Fail-over & Redundancy

What happens if my internet goes down? During the on-boarding process, Sharktek’s support team will set up fail-over plans to keep you connected with your customers in the event of an internet outage. Have all calls routed to a different office or even your own mobile phones!

Changes on The Go

Whether it’s changing your hold music or adding a new office to your phone plan, changes will have to be made as your business evolves. As the system is in the cloud, our support team can easily make the changes you need without driving to your office to service your equipment. Currently in development, Sharktek is developing an online management portal which will enable you to make real-time adjustments to your phone system simply by logging in through you browser!

Voicemail to Email

See it On-The-Go

If you have your email configured on your mobile device, you can always keep track of your voicemails and listen to them on the spot!

Voice Transcription

Received the text transcription of each voicemail in the body of the email at no additional charge.


Be in the Know

Know whether your co-workers are busy before transferring calls with presence. States such as ringing, on-hold, and talking are readily shown so that you are always in know!

Multi-location Support

Presence works even across various office locations! Feel as if your remote employees are actually in the same office.

Online Web Portal Beta

Our programming team is developing an online web portal for you to manage and customize the way your phone system works. Add new phone numbers, change your voicemail greetings and configure extensions with ease!

Standard Features