Faxing remains a necessity for many businesses in industries such as health care, real estate, law and government. In response to our customers’ request for an easier solution to faxing, our team’s combined experience in telecommunication and web application development led to the creation of an online faxing service now used by over 500 customers in 47 states. eliminates the need for a fax machine or fax line; instead users can send and receive faxes right from their browser or email.

Send a Fax in 3 Easy Steps!

Browse for Files

Select an acceptable file!

Enter a destination number

Toll free, local, or long distance

Click “Send Fax”

It’s that easy!

Receive Faxes in Your Email

Faxes arrive as PDF attachments

Works for all email providers and clients

Team Setup:

Add up to five additional emails 

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