ONLINE FAXING allows you to send and receive faxes right from your computer! Starting as low as $3.33/month, streamline your business with the newest, most reliable form of faxing.


Currently in development, will be your one-stop online management portal for our voice platform. Easily add new extensions, upload your own voicemail recordings, order new phones to your door and much, much more!


Having a hard time measuring the return on investment from your marketing efforts? provides inbound call metrics to accurately track the success of your marketing campaigns.


of Cloud Based Phone Systems

  • Cheaper than CenturyLink/Comcast, cut your phone bill in half
  • Unlimited Long Distance Calling in the US & Canada
  • Easily add new phones as your company grows
  • Easily configure your OWN extensions and dialplan online
  • Receive all of your voicemails transcribed in your email
  • Don't get locked into a contract, just simple month-by-month payments

Sharktek is trusted by these and many other businesses.